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Furoshiki Bags, Gift Wraps & A


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Furoshiki Bags, Gift Wraps & Accessories

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, and is used to wrap gifts and create bags for carrying things more easily.

Once you have learned the basic methods of tying and folding, you can tie furoshiki in different ways to suit the size and shape of the contents within.

There is no sewing involved and, using just a square of fabric, Aurélie Le Marec shows you how to wrap all kinds of items from books to guitars and laptops to wine bottles. You can adapt furoshiki to suit items of all shapes and sizes and, with more than 50 furoshiki folds explained with step-by-step illustrations and clear instructions, you can help to reduce waste by making furoshiki part of your everyday life!

Table of Contents
Furoshiki: an ancient technique 6
A thousand possibilities 8

The knots 12
The basic knots 14
Single knot 14
Flat knot 15
Undoing the flat knot 15
Adjustable handle for a bag 16
Decorative knots 17
One-loop knot 17
Butterfly knot 17

Furoshiki for carrying things 18
3-in-1 shoulder bag 20
Cross-body bag 24
Bag with two adjustable handles 26
Basket with two handles 28
Beach bag 30
Backpack 1 32
Backpack 2 34
Handbag 36
Handbag cover 38
Laptop bag 40
Book bag 1 42
Book bag 2 44
Two-bottle carrier 1 46
Two-bottle carrier 2 48
Watermelon carrier 50
Guitar case 52
Poster carrier 54
Plant holder 56
Belt bag 58

Gift wrap 60
Wrap with a point 62
Four-point wrap 64
Long wrap 66
Flower wrap 68
Round box wrap 70
Book wrap 1 72
Book wrap 2 74
Bottle wrap 1 76
Bottle wrap 2 78
Flower wrap with handle 80
Knot-free wrap 82
Two-colour wrap 84
Rosebud wrap 86
Bouquet wrap 88
Flowerpot wrap 90

Decoration and tableware 92
Tissue box wrap 94
Kimono-style bottle wrap 96
Basket wrap 98
Cutlery wallet 100
Bunny wrap 102
Two-colour cushion cover 1 104
Two-colour cushion cover 2 106
Cushion cover with side knots 108
Long cushion cover 110

About the Author
About Aurélie Le Marec
Based in Pont-Saint-Martin, France, Aurélie Le Marec lives and breathes furoshiki. She runs workshops to teach the art of furoshiki, works closely with textile designers and seamstresses, and helps to highlight textile reuse and waste reduction. You can see more of her work by visiting her website at www.latelierdufuroshiki.fr

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