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Modern Tie Dye by Abi Patten


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Modern Tie Dye by Abi Patten

Turn your wardrobe and accessories into a stylish, kaleidoscope of colour, and dip into the world of tie dye!

Tie dye has taken the fashion world by storm. Once associated with the hippie movement, tie dye is now chic and edgy, and in our eco-conscious world can transform your old clothes into beautifully colourful, patterned pieces. With a few twists, elastic bands and a volume of dye, your once-loved T-shirts, denim jackets, hoodies, skirts and shorts turn into iconic, vibrant pieces that you'll love to wear, whatever the weather! Tie dye is something everyone can do, even beginners.

In this book, master both basic and more advanced tie-dye styles project by project, using hand-made or fibre-reactive dyes. Now you can create designs such as bullseye, shibori and mandala patterns without hurting the planet.

The beginning of the book includes a chapter on natural dyes and how to make them in your own kitchen, saving not just money but the environment too by avoiding the use of harsh chemicals. It will also discuss some eco-friendly alternatives for those who do not want to make their own dyes, as well as planet-friendly mordants that will ensure your dyed creations hold their colour.

Illustrated steps and clear instructions accompany all 11 projects and tie-dye techniques, and each project comes with an alternative colourway to inspire. Thrifted or upcycled garments and accessories are used to make all the projects, so you can see how once-loved or upcycled clothing can easily turn into beautiful, vibrant pieces that you’ll love to wear.

Table of Contents
Introduction, A small history tie dye, Materials & fabrics, Tools & equipment, Dyes, Mordants

Sunburst Bag (sunburst-effect dyeing), Scrunch Shorts (scrunch dyeing), Rainbow Hoodie (spiral-effect dyeing), Galaxy Denim Jacket (galaxy-effect dyeing), Double-swirl Vortex Tee (double-swirl-effect dyeing), Blue Skies & Rainbow Tee (rainbow-effect dyeing), Chevron Maxi Skirt (chevron-effect dyeing), Heart Vest (heart-effect dyeing), Kaleidoscope Sarong (kaleidoscope-effect dyeing), Shibori Harem Trousers (shibori dyeing), Ice-dye Dress (ice-dyeing)

Stockists & acknowledgements

About the Author
About Abi Patten
Abi Patten, under her trade name ‘AbiDashery’, has been making a living from tie dye full time. Totally self-taught, Abi has been honing her tie-dye skills since 2012. After receiving glowing responses from her family and friends, in 2013 Abi took a leap of faith and opened an Etsy store. As her Etsy shop began to grow, she realized there was a market for upcycled and tie dyed clothing and so, in 2016, she launched her own website: www.abidashery.com

Since then her business has grown, and Abi’s work has appeared online, in magazines and in tie-dye kits. Over time Abi has focused on improving her business’ sustainability, and is constantly striving to make her designs are as eco-conscious as possibl

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