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Alum (Potass Al Sulfate) 100g


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Alum (Potassium aluminum sulfate) 100g

Alum is a mordant and is also used in throat medicine and deodorant. It is mined from mountains. It can be used to lower the PH value.

Oogst Natural Dyes

What is Mordanting?
For most of natural dyes it is necessary to prepare your fibers or fabrics for the dyebath.

This process is commonly called mordanting. Mordants are substances that open the fibers that you want to dye and prepare them for the coloring process.

Although the materials we sell are safe, we advise you to wear gloves and preferably goggles. Even natural materials can irritate your skin or eyes and we believe in safety first!

Do you always need to mordant?
It is not always necessary to use a mordant. Some dyes are so potent that they will always color the fibers and fabrics.

For instance, walnut bolsters give off enough color to usually not need a mordanting process first.

This opens opportunities for experimentation. You can mordant part of your materials and not mordant another part and see how the color takes differently on the two lots!

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