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Binabo Constr Strips Taster Ba


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Binabo taster bag - a great flexible construction toy ...and it's made in Europe from sugar and wood!!! Really fun in a challenging, fractal, get-really-creative-in-3-dimensions way!

What it contains: flexible construction strips in a compostable bag

Feel great about where it comes from:
•Raw materials from EU? Yes - Germany
•Organic? Not sure, checking!
•Manufactured in EU? Yes - Germany
•What's it made from? Sugar and wood!!!
•What's it packaged in? Cardboard box, FSC-certified
•Shipping packaging from manufacturer to us: Cardboard only
•Plastic-free? Yes 100%
•Vegan? We believe so, checking
•Animal-cruelty-free? Yes
•Reused upcycled or recycled? No

Feel great about where it goes after you've used it:
•Biodegradable compostable? Yes 100%
•Reusable refillable? N/A
•Recyclable? Yes (box)

Feel great about you and your child using it:
•Great for ages: 4+
•Shelf life: Indefinite
•Awards: Spiel Gut play value
•Safety standards met: European standard for sport devices DIN EN 913
•Solvent-free? Yes
•Gluten-free? N/A
•Peanut-free? N/A
•Soy-free? N/A
•Lactose-free? N/A
•Easy to wash-off clothes skin? N/A

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