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Crobots By Nelly Pailloux. 20 Amigurumi robots to make.
A craze that began in Japan but has now definitely gone global, amigurumi – cute little stuffed dolls – are fun and fast to make, and can be customizedd easily to give every one a personal twist.

The 20 original designs in this book are based around tiny mechanical creatures, crobots, each with his or her own qualities and abilities: from Babybot, who is just growing into his silver suit; to Geisha, with her downcast gaze, blushing pink cheeks, and efficient demeanor; and Dogbot, the crobots' best friend, who sports a natty white face mask and a jauntily upright tail. With the attitude of creatures 10 times their size, these little dolls are only 3 or 4 inches high, and are finished with a host of details, from switches and dials to improbably long eyelashes. Easy enough to be made by a crochet novice, charming enough for you to want to complete the whole robotic menagerie, and curiously addictive both to make and to play with, crobots are bound to start plenty of crazes of their own

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